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As I sit here on an otherwise unexalted Thursday afternoon, beneath a sky the color of wet papier-mache and not a hundred yards away from U.
Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts will hold onto their unexalted names but are also being folded into the Massachusetts State University System.
Hegel believed that, since borrowed constitutions are both unselfconscious and unexalted, they not only are destined to fail, but are also unlikely even to cause meaningful societal change.
Ironically, but perhaps blessedly as well, the narrator is still having to revise and reinvent as he imagines how Blair's body is finally carried by ambulance to Parry's funeral chapel, a humble, unexalted place well-known to Naipaul from his youth.
Kenneth Widmerpool's odiousness derives from his character, not his background: his unexalted origins (his father dealt in liquid manure) are structurally necessary to accentuate his rise to power, especially insofar as it serves as a foil to Charles Stringham's rapid social descent.
God's favor is not dependent on us being unexalted in the world's eyes.
Thus did men of unexalted rank, possessing neither high office nor aristocratic (zadegan) connection, more clearly see a place for themselves in the Ottoman elite enterprise.
Conversely, profane resources would include those for which the above attributes are lacking; that is, those resources deemed common, unexalted, and readily marketable (Belk, Sherry, and Wallendorf 1989; Belk, Wallendorf, and Sherry 1988).