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But saying this is consistent with affirming that their aesthetic status, in comparison with that of artistic masterpieces, is relatively unexalted.
God's favor is not dependent on us being unexalted in the world's eyes.
It was hard to imagine anyone unexalted by the ending of "Amy's View," a middling David Hare play with a supreme performance from Judi Dench that managed to sanctify the theater without ever sentimentalizing it.
Thus did men of unexalted rank, possessing neither high office nor aristocratic (zadegan) connection, more clearly see a place for themselves in the Ottoman elite enterprise.
Personal happiness seems an unexalted goal, but not if it is embraced with bravura and gusto.
Conversely, profane resources would include those for which the above attributes are lacking; that is, those resources deemed common, unexalted, and readily marketable (Belk, Sherry, and Wallendorf 1989; Belk, Wallendorf, and Sherry 1988).