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What cannot fail to excite your astonishment and that of every thinking person, is, that, in the midst of these executions, in the midst of these convulsions of the state, in the midst of these struggles for power, in the midst of these outcries against the despots of the day, in the midst of famine even, not artificial, but real; in short, in the midst of an accumulation of horrors almost unexampled, the fiddle and the tambourin never ceased.
A Time of Unexampled Prosperity," The Crayon Papers: The Great Mississippi Bubble, 1819-1820.
But as soon as victory shall perch on our banners, as it surely will in the end, and we shall be recognized, as we shall inevitably be, by European Powers and the United States as a distinct confederacy, a scene of prosperity, unexampled in our past career, will open upon us, and then we shall call on every lover of his country to give holy to the cause of emancipation from ignorance, as he does now to the cause of deliverance from social and political oppression.
BNA) -- Pacific Ventures once again marks its peerless ambition and dedication towards unexampled entrepreneurship with its latest project of a regal residential apartment The Burj Pacific.
68) A stubborn (perverse) discourse of recollection, repetition, redoubling and return, "Wakefield" is appreciable as a paradigmatic twice-told tale rather than an unexampled case of egregious estrangement, misadventure or misprision.
Perhaps the committee considered the Cantos to be of such unexampled merit that, even subtracting for immorality, they were the finest poetical work of the era and entitled to be acknowledged as such.
Writing to a cousin in October 1817, Henry cast blame everywhere but upon himself: "My insolvency was occasioned by the egregious folly of my partners in a country bank who dissipated 10,000 [pounds sterling] and by the unexampled treachery of the Marquess of Hastings (once Earl of Moira) who has defrauded me of 6,000 [pounds sterling]" (qtd.
The generation which survived the war might seem quite excessively reserved and buttoned up to us but it is one which gave expression to its feelings in monuments of unexampled dignity, not only Lutyen's Cenotaph and the War Graves Cemeteries but in thousands of memorials across the country, of which many, like the memorial to the Seaforth Highlanders outside the cathedral in Dornoch, are unforgettable in the power to evoke sacrifice and suffering, heroism and perseverance.
In addition to this rich moral and theological tradition, Christianity has also produced art of the first rank as well as saints whose lives are virtually unexampled in other religious traditions.
This is an unexampled step which negated the notion that PML-N is a family party or patronises favouritism.
The specter of subjective alterity--in all its diversity, complexity, radical unknowability, and danger imagined or real--loomed, in other words, as a central problem for the British imagination, which found itself face to face (if I may put it that way) with a perhaps unexampled range of other minds.
pondering the intricate mazes of Providence--What cause at length mov'd Milton to this unexampled deed"?