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Here the Tathagata set rolling the unexcelled Wheel of the Dhamma
New SPEC RTP3000 automated paste ink dispenser: This small-batch system provides precise color blends in minutes with unexcelled batch-to-batch consistency, using standard quick-change Sonoco-type cartridges.
In the 1960s, intensive care in Australia and New Zealand was dominated by the imposing, albeit controversial personality of Matthew Spence (3), whose expertise in mechanical ventilation was unexcelled.
The company, which began its corporate life in 1956 as a laboratory for testing and development of rubber compounds, is said to have accumulated unexcelled experience in formulating, mixing and forming exotic, as well as traditional, rubber materials, notably fluoroelastomers.
39) Manifesto of Federated Furnishing Trade Society, Riley Collection, SLV; The 'Sweater and Black Laborite' were seeking to 'rivet the chains of political, industrial and military slavery' and destroy the' freedom' that had enabled unionism to establish' an intelligent democracy unexcelled in the world'.
This led the province into an unexcelled period of prosperity.
5 ounces)--feature Leupold's trademarked Index Matched Lens System to deliver crisp images, outstanding resolution, and unexcelled definition.
The contribution of Jewish people to human civilization and culture is unexcelled and extraordinary.
Princeton works with some of the world's most respected organizations to create insurance programs that produce significantly differentiating results for clients who are driven by an unforgiving passion to be unexcelled.
Treating Zukovskij's translations--and Zukovskij was unexcelled in his art--is vastly different from analyzing Puskin's.