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The RBI's claim that factors other than interest rates have contributed to the growth slowdown is unexceptionable.
Several parcels of Rio and Santos, of unexceptionable quality, were taken for the local trade.
The work, an arrangement of 120 firebricks, was an unexceptionable contribution to Tate's ability to document a significant art movement, whose leading lights included Donald Judd, Dan Flavin, Robert Morris and Frank Stella, and which had its own distinct British counterpart in the work of Peter Joseph, Bob Law, the early work of Barry Flanagan, Alan Charlton and the influential collective Art & Language.
The data in Table 1 also shows unexceptionable value of FRR (0) and FAR (0) in the case of User No.
A recognition that there is an "element" of "socialism" in every government, but that it is never "pure," seems an unexceptionable observation of developing political realities and fat more perspicacious than the revolutionary enthusiasms of poets "closer to the intellectual center of things" in 1932.
As a pretty straight adaptation of Patrick Lehane's excellent novel, it is unexceptionable.
Good and unexceptionable ideas as they are, ad nausium repetition of the same renders even the slogan mongering pointless.
der Frau Erras) solange ihrem Vergniigen nach"--grammatically unexceptionable, indeed an improvement, but on the level of sense a step too far backward for this reviewer to take.
Some of the earlier, simpler technologies for genetic engineering struck some critics as deeply troubling, on grounds that they represented an intrinsically unattractive change in the human relationship to nature, while others found them entirely unexceptionable.
These were not the thin and unexceptionable "French fries" one has come to expect at too many restaurants, but proper chunky chips that were truly excellent.
On the face of it, industry's argument that this will see the end of many SEZ projects and will make it difficult for those already committed to developing SEZs under the policy to attract investors into their projects, appears unexceptionable.
It is for the last, and most unexceptionable, of his three Commandments, "To buy the best aircraft for the mission", that Tellis saves his firepower.