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der Frau Erras) solange ihrem Vergniigen nach"--grammatically unexceptionable, indeed an improvement, but on the level of sense a step too far backward for this reviewer to take.
Good and unexceptionable ideas as they are, ad nausium repetition of the same renders even the slogan mongering pointless.
These were not the thin and unexceptionable "French fries" one has come to expect at too many restaurants, but proper chunky chips that were truly excellent.
This may seem an unexceptionable argument, but it does run counter to a tradition of anthropological research whose focus has been on the collective.
On the face of it, industry's argument that this will see the end of many SEZ projects and will make it difficult for those already committed to developing SEZs under the policy to attract investors into their projects, appears unexceptionable.
Unlike the US force, it also maintained unexceptionable race relations.
According to the Dictionary of Mathematics (Borowski & Borwein, 1991), the paradox is "an apparently absurd or self contradictory statement for which there is prima facie support, or an explicit contradiction derived from apparently unexceptionable premises".
1 also shows unexceptionable value of FRR (0) and FAR (0) in the case of User No.
While the US resolve to defeat Al-Qaeda as a terrorist organisation and prevent another terrorist attack on the US from Afghanistan is unexceptionable, it seems that Washington is also trying to impose a government of its own choice on the Afghan people in disregard of the ethnic and tribal composition in Afghanistan, the social and cultural values of the Afghan people, and the compulsions of the regional security environment.
Now this may be due to the unexceptionable nature of my remarks, but also (and I cling to this more in hope than expectation) that his brain was on pause at that particular moment when I came and went from his screen.
Although an atheist scholar would likely challenge some of what Perry writes in the chapter, theists would find his analysis largely unexceptionable, if much too simplified.
Joyce and others get a couple of pages of unexceptionable but not exceptional comment.