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On Friday night, the most unexceptional person in uniform was starting pitcher John Lackey, who surrendered 10 hits and six runs in 5⅓ innings.
Beers rated 1-2 are "undrinkable," beers rated 3-4, are "moderately flawed," beers rated 5-6 are "acceptable but unexceptional," beers rated 7-8 are "interesting and enjoyable," and beers rated 9-10 are "exceptional.
2 innings for the team, posting solid but unexceptional rate stats that were completely in line with those he put up in his rookie campaign.
Moran finished ahead of Walsh in a 4km club time trial recently but Nixon said Moran's performance was unexceptional.
Australia, meanwhile, managed only to live up to their billing as a hard-working yet unexceptional team in the field.
A Phoenix Venture Holdings spokesman said today: "These packages were unexceptional in the industry and in companies of that size.
The weather is nothing unexceptional for May," said senior meteorological officer, Loizos Stefanou.
Dawood said volumes were unexceptional, but positive sentiment was in the ascendant.
The Central Securities Depository will carry out depositary activities in full and will perform the following unexceptional functions: keeping records and storing securities as nominee shareholder in registers; securities clearing; payments on transactions with securities; functioning as paying agent; keeping registers of owners of corporate securities; functioning as special depository for collective investment funds, retirement funds and other institutions; opening of correspondent bank accounts in other countries.
5m summer swoop to bring Santa Cruz from Bayer Munich had been a gamble with a series of injuries hindering the player during an unexceptional eight-year spell in Germany.
Poison Arrows adds to the growing body of knowledge on how unexceptional poisoned weapons were in antiquarian societies.
We watch their cruelty grow to levels we might think absurd were it not that Kalfus, a quiet yet unflinching ironist, treats it as unexceptional, the intrinsic destructiveness of a failing domestic world.