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19) Spanish law, unexceptionally in the European Union, goes beyond the
We also sampled steak tartare ($9), which appeared to have been carefully prepared, with the right texture, but was unexceptionally flavored.
He said Pakistan is an agrarian country despite that the government was importing sugar, pulses, flour, edible oil and other edible items due to which the prices of edible items had increased unexceptionally during the last few years.
a messianic power determined to overturn the regional order in the name of Islamic militancy; it is an unexceptionally opportunistic state seeking to assert predominance in its immediate neighborhood.
Most of the so-called verse novels under discussion exhibit their plot or "narrative dynamics" quite plainly (Richardson 1), and move unexceptionally from their openings through their episodes and events to their endings.
Christianity's subsequent aim of subduing the almost compulsory demand in Neoplatonism to treat the One unexceptionally in terms of absolute aloneness and not-being--which, accordingly, conferred all the emanative being a state of gradual inferiority--, became for at least Western Christianity the touchstone for probing and elaborating its dogmatic self-consistency.
N) and adjacent to the warm Indian Ocean has an unexceptionally low rainfall, complicated distribution and variability [3, 4].
16) Yet, recently it has been demonstrated by Kuno and Takami (2004) that these "diagnostics" do not unexceptionally differentiate unaccusative from unergative verbs.