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Unbeaten but unexcited, the 26-year-old almost accepted an eighth professional triumph apologetically.
That is to say, the provocative topic is indeed difficult to discuss cogently; hence my unexcited response to some parts of Jen Boyle's Anamorphosis in Early Modern Literature: Mediation and Affect comes tempered with a ready acknowledgement of the difficulty of discussing this vastly important concept, and of coordinating it with the concepts of mediation and affect, as advertised in the subtitle.
Summary: Goldman Sachs' Jim O'Neill cautions that unless the fall out of the Greek debt restructuring results in fresh challenges for Italy and Spain, it's best to remain unexcited about it.
When these molecules move back to their unexcited state, the absorbed energy is released.
Obama, facing a public unexcited about environmental issues, encountered strong pressures to background environmental justifications in favor of more salient approaches.
30) See Imwinkelried, supra note 21, at 329-30 (explaining that after the enactment of the Federal Rule, thirty-four states "adopted Rule 803(1) more or less verbatim" and "several states without evidence codes have adopted the exception by case law"); see also 2 MCCORMICK ON EVIDENCE, supra note 3, [section] 271, at 252 ("[T]he rulemaking process provided the principal impetus for recognition of the hearsay exception for unexcited statements of present sense impressions.
To return these modes to the unexcited phase is the goal of the treatment.
That afternoon, when the boy went to his Capoeira class, where they've spent the past two years teaching him how to expertly kick his peers to a Brazilian beat, I approached my wife tearfully and asked for forgiveness: "He sounded so unexcited about the trip, and I just wanted to cheer him up.
It means the excited prospect who scanned your code is now unexcited because your "desktop site" does not look good and does not display well on the small screen.
Luckily for Danny Boy, a distinctly unexcited Scott Maslen pipped him to the post.
A Sky News poll revealed that only eight percent people are "very excited", compared with 60 percent who are unexcited about the event.
Flutter implies unexcited (or self-excited) structure vibration amplitudes that increase exponentially in time without limit, (or to a limit fixed by some nonlinearity of the system).