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Experts state that the reason for the downturn in mobile-phone sales could be attributed in unexciting phones, increased competition and even extended Chinese new-year festivities.
It is blurry, unexciting and does nothing to make the reader want to pick the book up.
A year around the world, visiting countless nations, helping countless people and animals, and picking up countless odd-jobs--makes most readers past years seem tame and unexciting.
But while "Zodiac" certainly has its moments of high tension, much of the film involves following unexciting clues to dead ends.
It did for Ruth Borun: Before the scene shown here took form, Borun's floor-to-ceiling window at the end of a hallway framed an unexciting view of a narrow side yard.
Even if it was an unexciting colour like grey or cream.
I then thought about vintage posters but they seemed unexciting.
That is, until innovative new wrinkles are added to what once basically was an unexciting product and, presto
The toned-down peachy color offset by the green is unexciting.
Tests are also carefully crafted to be inoffensive and unexciting.
These two types of efforts are so unexciting that they can be overlooked--but not when you see profit ratios of 10-1 or more.
The better-established Inaki Urlezaga, with Rojo, probably has not, for although his partnering seems exemplary his technique and presence are unexciting.