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Following the award, Pedersen holds 100 000 unexercised options in the Company, corresponding to 100 000 shares at the strike price of NOK 74.
Since the aggregate proceeds for the Rump DRs offered and sold in the Rump Offering, after deduction of selling expenses (including any value added tax), exceed the aggregate issue price of the Rump DRs (such amount, the "Excess Amount"), each holder of a Right that was not exercised at the end of the exercise period will be entitled to receive such part of the Excess Amount pro rata to the number of unexercised Rights reflected in such holder's securities account amounting to EUR 0.
pursuant to the Warrant Instrument 2007 remain unexercised and
WA) (LSE: UNC) has said that all unexercised options to buy new shares in the Italian bank's capital offering have now been purchased.
27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- CEOs saw considerable increases in the value of their unexercised stock options last year, with chief executives at higher-performing companies seeing particularly large gains, according to a new CEO pay analysis by Watson Wyatt, a leading global consulting firm.
These include cases in which employees forfeit an option before it is vested, the company cancels an option after vesting or an option expires unexercised, typically because it is underwater.
S corp simplifications include: (1) All members of a family (up to six generations) are treated as one shareholder; (2) the number of shareholders permitted increases from 75 to 100; (3) IRAs may be shareholders of bank S corps; (4) unexercised powers of appointment will be disregarded for determining the potential current beneficiaries of ESBTs; and the IRS may waive inadvertent invalid qualified subchapter S subsidiary elections and terminations.
The most well known form of transferable rights, known as air rights, basically constitute unexercised development rights on existing properties or lots.
He merely lets an unexercised option lapse--and he may get a new option at a much lower price.
There's a direct positive correlation between the amount of unexercised stock options a CEO holds and the corporate performance of his or her firm relative to an industry peer group.
The intrinsic-value method, however, is not a generally accepted economic pricing model for valuing unexercised stock options, because an unexercised option's value generally exceeds its intrinsic value.
5 million to a woman whose husband died of a rare stomach cancer, Huber (whose compensation approached $5 million in 1996 and who holds millions more in unexercised stock options) was quoted by Reuters as declaring this to be a "travesty of justice.