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Edith Nelson met the unexpected at every turn of the trail, and she trained her vision so that she saw in the landscape, not the obvious, but the concealed.
For a space of possibly three seconds of time she had been dazed and paralysed by the horrible and inconceivable form in which the unexpected had made its appearance.
Hans Nelson was half a second behind his wife in rising to the unexpected.
The unexpected had swept its wizardry over the face of things, changing the perspective, juggling values, and shuffling the real and the unreal into perplexing confusion.
She remained as close to the horror as on the first morning when the unexpected stalked into the cabin and took possession.
So Hans became another factor in the problem the unexpected had given Edith Nelson to solve.
Nicholas laughed in very unexpected enjoyment of this performance; and the ladies, by way of encouragement, laughed louder than before; whereat Mr Lenville assumed his bitterest smile, and expressed his opinion that they were 'minions'.
Having achieved this double feat, for which he was the more highly applauded that it was totally unexpected from him, the knight seemed to resume the sluggishness of his character, returning calmly to the northern extremity of the lists, leaving his leader to cope as he best could with Brian de Bois-Guilbert.
While she was talking like this she had lighted the gas and with the last words she glided through the bedroom door leaving me thunderstruck at the unexpected character of her thoughts.
Christopher Hampton, the British playwright who translated ``The Unexpected Man'' from French, calls the play ``a much more poetic and personal play than 'Art.
Ten years after Hank Gathers' death, it remains true what his college coach Paul Westhead said at the time: ``It's the unexpected moments when it hits you.