unexpected happening

See: emergency
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But her qualms were vanquished by the sensational and most unexpected happening that followed.
A few moments later, a queer sight amongst all these untoward and unexpected happenings, a fire engine dashed under the arch, narrowly missing the broken fragments of brick and stone, swung around, and a dozen fire-hoses commenced to play upon the flaming building.
Your husband wants to plan for the unexpected happening and for him that means saving up a pile of cash to draw upon in an emergency.
I would urge all employers of domestic staff to seize this opportunity to ensure their privately sponsored workers are properly covered in the event of the unexpected happening.
Bohjalian is a modern master at looking at families under stress and has used the familiar pattern of something unexpected happening to good people that causes them to reconsider their beliefs and their relationships.
Mr McCourt told BBC Radio Newcastle, 'We want to prevent the unexpected happening.
There is always the hint of the unexpected happening and I think the Celtic nations are far less fearful of them this time.
There's always a danger in Zimbabwe of something unexpected happening but it's likely she will either be let out on Sunday, or more probably on Tuesday.
People who don't notice unexpected happenings while concentrating on a task often have difficulty with what amounts to mental multitasking, a team led by psychology graduate student Janelle Seegmiller of the University of Utah reports in the May Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition.
With a plot so rich with excitement, the audience is kept engaged all the way through, with many unexpected happenings.
Cllr Tim Moore, environment cabinet member, said: "Businesses can be hit by a whole variety of unexpected happenings.
Chapters address components of the wealth odyssey "road map", such as asset modes of transportation, the role of debt (when it is good, bad or necessary, and how to use debt wisely), risk management, why one must never let salespeople make decisions, different types of insurance to consider, how to deal with unexpected happenings such as premature death, and much more.