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The news of his cousins Anne's engagement burst on Mr Elliot most unexpectedly.
Angel Clare rises out of the past not altogether as a distinct figure, but as an appreciative voice, a long regard of fixed, abstracted eyes, and a mobility of mouth somewhat too small and delicately lined for a man's, though with an unexpectedly firm close of the lower lip now and then; enough to do away with any inference of indecision.
She brought her face close to her sister-in-law's and unexpectedly again began to cry.
I came upon him quite suddenly, and no less unexpectedly, upon the rim of the great Sahara Desert.
You are unexpectedly rich; and I am unexpectedly poor.
It was an odd coincidence, to say the least of it, that the march of events should be unexpectedly taking Agnes to Venice, after those words had been spoken
A BIRDCATCHER was about to sit down to a dinner of herbs when a friend unexpectedly came in.
I had previously written to Miserrimus Dexter (by my old friend's advice), merely saying that I had been unexpectedly called away from London for a few days, and that I would report to him the result of my interview with Lady Clarinda on my return.
Thus squires should be swindled in long rooms panelled with oak; while Jews, on the other hand, should rather find themselves unexpectedly penniless among the lights and screens of the Cafe Riche.
They make a great deal of it," replied Margaret, unexpectedly rushing off on a new track.
There happened to him at that instant what does happen to people when they are unexpectedly caught in something very disgraceful.
You never cried Widdy Warning before you begun to-night,' says Durdles, unexpectedly reminded of, or imagining, an injury.