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But to be in full compliance with HUD regulations, the city's unexpended balances in block grant money cannot exceed 1.
A review of the Statement of Changes in Net Position indicates that the changes were widely distributed among the cumulative results from operations and unexpended appropriations.
This trust should be considered by the donor who does not want trust corpus and unexpended income to be distributed at age 21 or sooner.
63 billion in unexpended appropriated funds and indicate that 17 percent of the funds appropriated since 2001 have not been completely utilized.
Design features should be included to ensure safe recovery of the unmanned system, ancillary equipment and unexpended weapons stores," the policy states.
Hung or unexpended ordnance of any kind is dangerous.
Historically, in part because the highway trust fund maintained significant unexpended balances, HTF funds have been available for the emergency supplemental appropriations acts that funded ER needs above the $100 million level.
Admitted to practice: 1981) Among several Bar violations, O'Brien failed to comply with the Rules Regulating Trust Accounts; failed, at least annually, to prepare a detailed listing identifying the balance of the unexpended trust money held for each client or matter; and failed to perform minimum trust accounting procedures.
Unexpended appropriations shall lapse at the end of each fiscal year and shall not be carried forward.
Todd's supporters contributed $6,783 to his campaign, of which $3,694 remained unexpended after the primary.
The bond issue would guarantee a funding source for the project, though MTA officials would look first at using unexpended funds from other projects, Roberts said.
Not surprising, when you consider that just 100 extra calories per day of unexpended energy adds 10 pounds per year.