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But to be in full compliance with HUD regulations, the city's unexpended balances in block grant money cannot exceed 1.
According to the report, the total amount of unexpended appropriated funds is $5.
The proportions in which any unexpended contingency is to be allocated was agreed by the council and other partners last year to reflect the comparative funding contributions by each of the funders to overall Games' costs,'' the report said.
Valiant was at sea a record 101 days, and the jettisoning of unexpended ordnance upon it by Argentine aircraft returning to their base amounted to the first (unintentional) air attack on any nuclear submarine.
While it was recently estimated that 156 out of 1,024 entitlement communities did not spend their funds in a timely manner, nearly 85 percent of those unexpended CDBG balances were concentrated in less than 20 communities.
1)Will return all unexpended funds at the completion of the grant;
The fiscal year 2002 request of $224 million, combined with $16 million in previously appropriated but unexpended debt account balances, will fulfill the U.
Department officials said unexpended funds from past years could allow states and localities to continue programs without cutbacks.
The recently-dissolved Mountain States Screen Printing Association has also donated its unexpended funds to the SPTF.
Jumping like an old hand, the six-year-old came home unexpended, beating Half Penny Bridge by 25 lengths.
He also stated that the multiyear appropriation authority covered in Schedule 2 was based on legislation approved by Parliament in 1998 by which an agency was granted the authority to carry over to the end of the 2000-01 fiscal year the unexpended balance of money in fiscal year 1999-2000 and that this reference was for information purposes only.
The net position is further subdivided into unexpended appropriations and the cumulative results of operations.