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Major finding: Young adults who had had physical or cognitive effects from prenatal alcohol exposure had summary math scores that were 10%-11% lower than those in unexposed peers and 3%-4% lower than those in peers who had had childhood disabilities.
Aidan O'Brien's best chance lies with Newmarket fifth Snow Queen who is joined by the unexposed Hanky Panky and Just Pretending.
5, WAXS patterns of unexposed nylon diffractions are arced with some spots indicating the crystallinity and significant molecular orientation.
He looks the most unexposed of them all and while 4/1 might look skinny his form entitles him to be that price.
7/1,000 for unexposed controls, yielding a statistically significant relative risk of 10.
This allows the oxidation of molecular fragments to proceed much faster than would occur on the unexposed coating surface before any degradation.
Natural break points are the most defensible statistically in stratifying data, although this leads to small numbers in the unexposed.
As a control, a group of unexposed females were paired with conspecific or heterospecific mature males upon maturation.
Another UCLA study finds that lab workers exposed to high levels of a rocket fuel chemical were twice as likely to have died from lung and other cancers as were unexposed co-workers.
is a Michigan Minority Business Development Council (MMBDC) certified supplier of Metal Processing Services, including both Exposed and Unexposed Blanking and Exposed and Unexposed Slitting.
UC noted that the researchers tracked the respiratory health of 622 infants living near three traffic conditions -- highway traffic, "stop and go" traffic (within 100 meters of a bus or state route with a posted speed limit of 50 mph or less) and areas unexposed to major roads or bus routes.