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It would appear to be unfactual, unless he can back it up.
Comments made in Mr Hughes's spurious and totally unfactual article, include "many think that they are fly tippers", "some gypsies and travellers are criminalised when they set up camps on someone else's land even though is not a crime in itself" and "many gypsies feel that they have no alternative but to trespass".
My reading of the Gospels suggests that unfactual accusations about gay people and dependence on the state to bolster one's faith are inconsistent with Jesus's philosophy of love--and that the importation of these views into Christianity certainly changes and arguably corrupts the philosophy articulated by Jesus.
If you don't fancy the bus there are also some unfactual walking tours all about, or not, the region's coal industry, starting from the Gateshead Millennium Bridge.
Trudeau dismisses as unfactual the account of Lee apologizing to his men for the outcome of Pickett's Charge, insisting, "While such recollections may have been helpful in the postwar climate of factual healing, and while they may have promoted adulation of Lee, they had to be docketed alongside Gettysburg's other myths.
for a period of time after ICI made public that December 9, 2002 and October 11, 2002 news wires by Steve&Carol contained numerous unfactual statements, Steve&Carol have begun writing inaccurate reports that mislead the public.
Apart from Craig's (1964) idolatrous, unfactual and uncritical biography there are no published sources that aim at assessing the value of Best's work for ethnohistorical research of Maori society.