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The greatest threat posed by the Camp of Unfaith and arrogant powers lies in its intervention and influence over the structures of the new political systems in these countries.
When the road is rough, it is not an act of unfaith to release our thoughts to God in lament.
Emily recorded that he spoke "despondingly of Swinburne's book and of the tone of literature in his set" and foresaw the "fiercest battle" between "good and evil, faith and unfaith.
In turn there are also examples of the Godless, how God does not pardon the unfaith of the unbelieving.
71-73, where he drew a diagram as his own proposal for the church's social witness in which he distinguished the two different societies based upon the presuppositions of faith and unfaith.
11) Today, as we are offered the stark choices of civilizational clash--between Faith and Unfaith, or Terror and Democracy--it is illuminating to grasp something that demands an understanding that is less dogmatic and totalizing, a philosophy of the part, a perspective that acknowledges its own partiality `as a necessity of life'.
The view that the dialogue in each Christian (and in Christian society) of faith and unfaith will be endless, leads the Christian to realize that the conventional economic model of egoistic maximizing will eternally coexist with the need to criticize its basic assumption.
Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini insists that Therese was the opposite of an atheist, and that we should not dignify unfaith by making it appear equivalent to the spiritual trial of a saint.
First, unfaith fulness produces a misperception of value, a perception that personal or political power is of preeminent value.
Tillich uses three words to describe the marks of modern men and women alienated from God: concupiscence (lust), hubris (pride) and unfaith.
And what we argue is that in this unfaith, hope cannot be present either for both faith and hope require the transcendent unknown.
Further, laments assure us that when the road is rough it is not an act of unfaith to release our inner thoughts in lament--not to someone about God, but to God.