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Love believes all things, and yet those knights believe most unfaithfully that the illicit destruction of their enemies will be to their advantage.
The resolution of Unfaithfully Yours conspicuously withholds any evidence (beyond the lady's very dubious word for it) that Linda Darnell has not been unfaithful to her husband and will not continue to be whenever the opportunity presents itself.
He once told a correspondent that "the introduction of the new principle of representative democracy has rendered useless almost everything written before on the structure of government; and, in a great measure, relieves our regret, if the political writings of Aristotle or of any other ancient, have been lost, or are unfaithfully rendered or explained to us.
Kinks points out that Beauvoir understood herself as working within Sartre's framework, but that she did this unfaithfully ('Weight of Situation' 46), suggesting that Beauvoir may have been unfaithful to Saintre's existentialism but not consciously.
When political organizations claim that there is an official Christian position on such issues as the motor vehicles tax, it unfaithfully politicizes the Christian faith.
d) Taking advantage of and using unfaithfully the problems which may arise in another church for winning new members for one's own church.
I had in mind a movie, Preston Sturges' Unfaithfully Yours at Theater 8o (which proved as delicious as I'd hoped), dinner at a good restaurant and a New Year's Eve party, where I knew there'd be plenty of interesting types.
With death, the person ceases to exist externally; that does not mean that he ceases to exist, but that he takes up a character that is fully internal, no longer matched or mirrored, however unfaithfully or incompletely, by an external one.
State laws protected the shareholder as owner by empowering courts to intervene on behalf of shareholders against corporate managers and directors who violated statutory governance procedures--for exampley, shareholder meeting, election, and proxy rules--or who dealt unfaithfully with the corporate property.
And not to be overlooked, Kon Ichikawa's Odd Obsession and, from these shores, Unfaithfully Yours by Preston Sturges.
He worked in the Thirties and the Forties when he turned out such marvellously funny and meaningful pictures as If I Were King, The Great McGinty, The Lady Eve, The Miracle of Morgan's Creek, The Sin of Harold Diddlebock (with Harold Lloyd) and Unfaithfully Yours.
SEARCH OUT - 'Ring Worm' (youtube) GENERAL FIASCO UNFAITHFULLY YOURS (2012) The concept of the dreaded second album - or the sophomore slump - it's a very real thing.