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But it has been unfalteringly consistent over the past six months, staying at between 12% and 13%.
They don't rust, they don't wear out and the hardware, with very little electricity, will unfalteringly run for decades.
With less structured arrangements and a smaller ensemble, works such as "Otono porteno" and the title track flow more freely, their improvisational element more heightened, although they remain unfalteringly tangoesque at their core.
As a 2,000-strong congregation sat in hushed grief Holly's father Kevin unfalteringly read three verses he had composed himself in tribute to his beloved daughter.
And CMJ New Music Report wrote that the album ``is as unfalteringly good and inventive as the title suggests.
The volume's actual physical elegance correlates rather closely to the writing within, and though there's something decidedly dissolute in this soigne little book, both in the way it's comprised and in its content, its unfalteringly beautiful writing allows it a seriousness which I think places it at the other extreme from wantonness.
But one of the highlights for the Queen was to hear her eldest grandson, Peter Phillips, Princess Anne's son, read unfalteringly to the congregation from Ephesians.
Piscean men are strong of mind and body, and once they make their mind up, they stick unfalteringly to their decision.
The opportunities for (thoroughly good-natured) satire are enormous, and the play capitalises almost unfalteringly on the inflections not just of individual growth but also of a national ethos over the whole period.
In "Here," set to an unfalteringly upbeat score by Vernon Reid, the mood is one of unshadowed confidence and optimism, and the choreography mirrors this with steps held securely in balances and hands clasped in solidarity.
Regardless, Mayor Barnes remains unfalteringly optimistic about the bill's passage.
They put their entire Christmas experience in the hands of our staff, who provide them with unfalteringly great food and service.