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2) When the leaders of the Rising realize that surrender is inevitable, it is O'Farrell who brings the notice of surrender to the British Army and later to the other commanders: "Then this brave girl, holding the white flag over her, stepped out into bullet-swept Moore Street and walked unfalteringly towards the barricade at the Parnell Street end.
This information is necessary for the Iddir to respond unfalteringly and judiciously in a crisis.
Tan has unfalteringly provided staunch support to the professional activities of ASME (HK branch) and other institutions like IMechE (HK) and HKIE locally.
Plots unfold smoothly and move unfalteringly forward.
But then again, we presented ourselves on time, faultlessly attired, well prepared and answered all questions unfalteringly.
Yet there is also a formal trace of the earlier in the latter poem, which is unfalteringly balladic.
And Nick Hornby's 1998 novel About A Boy was set in Islington, as was Notes on a Scandal by the unfalteringly hip Zoe Heller.
Unfalteringly lovely in an array of midriff baring saris, I am not sure who is responsible for the overacting and awkward movements that threatened to entirely ruin her performance.
His shop, like many in and around Carnaby Street, is as much a working museum as a retail outlet - traders, unfalteringly friendly as if they're nowhere near London, are happy to chat about their wares.
Some of us thought we knew about Our Vic, but by galloping unfalteringly up the hill to win the Ryanair Chase, he proved the same some of us wrong.
Intellectual intuition plays the role of a sort of logically adduced possibility that was quietly permitted but unfalteringly denied by Kant's philosophy.
The unfalteringly flat horizon was no longer desolate and threatening, as on the day before.