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In summary, the results show that for all four tasks, people familiar with the sub-routes performed better than people who were unfamiliar with the sub-routes.
Pitts, which helps put the story into context for readers unfamiliar with the author's history.
1) Because of the low incidence of brucellosis, physicians in areas not endemic for the disease, are unfamiliar with the clinical and epidemiologic features of human brucellosis, and the possibility of brucellosis is rarely considered in the differential diagnosis.
At the meeting, however, he said some firefighters from outside agencies seemed unfamiliar with the park and needed to be shown where the fire hydrants were.
A corporation unfamiliar with the law or caught unprepared will often unwittingly turn over property to a state that is not truly subject to escheat.
I have seen ballets accurately reproduced by notation by people totally unfamiliar with the original.
Many well-meaning nurses have tried to help in an emergency, only to harm the resident because nurses unfamiliar with the resident can make serious mistakes.
A glossary is provided for the convenience of readers unfamiliar with medical terms.
It's a rich resource for obtaining information and so much more, but it can also be intimidating for those who are unfamiliar with it.
Even though they are unfamiliar with the airplane, they are compelled to call it something, so they say that it is a silver bird.
7 percent of respondents said they were most unfamiliar with financing during the homebuying process.
According to a survey of AICPA tax division members on how they interpreted the realistic possibility standard, CPAs who were very familiar with the standard were less aggressive than those unfamiliar with it.