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Every specific form will break down at some point, usually because of the athlete's unfamiliarity with the pattern or the stress of a big meet or the onset of fatigue.
A broker's unfamiliarity with a property serves to waste the time of lender and borrower alike.
Tardiness, sketchy progress notes, inconclusiveness of diagnostic impressions, overly detailed novel style, unfamiliarity with coding guidelines, refusal to listen, inappropriate fear of admitting perioperative complications, and late dictation of discharge summaries that are inconsistent with information recorded in the progress notes.
Unfamiliarity with technical aspects of the type of business being appraised.
There may be some uncertainty, unfamiliarity, and fear on the part of employers and business people when they are required to address these issues, but counselors can, and must, take a lead role in encouraging, educating, and helping to make employers and others aware that people with disabilities have a wide range of valuable skills and abilities.
Fuchs, Power, & Dailey, 1985), indicating that examiner unfamiliarity is a source of systematic error or bias in the assessment of language handicapped children.
In every Census, Latinos are at risk of being undercounted because of language barriers, scare tactics, unfamiliarity and misinformation surrounding the U.
The pilot's unfamiliarity with the airfield, distraction due to a departing aircraft in front and inadequacies in the briefing material may have been contributory factors to the accident.
Despite the intense heat, the long lines, and the inevitable unfamiliarity of a new process, our observations suggested that this process was carried out smoothly, and the results transmitted rapidly, in the great majority of cases," MacDonald said.
Gonzalez did not use that unfamiliarity to his advantage, failing to gain any momentum other than a brief 3-2 lead in the third set.
The survey shows that their unfamiliarity could lead to fatalities that could be avoided.
The crowd's unfamiliarity with the songs didn't matter as they seemed to be in a similar anthemic vein to previous successes.