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I first outline the way in which the lecture signposts an Economics perspective: the lens that is transparent to an Economist, but that, to non-Economist members of the audience of a visiting academic's lecture, appears unfamiliarly opaque.
The vagueness of the distance is unfamiliarly familiar.
The second shot," revealed the Mail, "was far too good for Heinz Kwiatowski who was unfamiliarly, for a continental goalkeeper, attired in a green jersey purchased just before the game after a prolonged search of Birmingham shops.
Given was the Magpies' saviour time after time down the years between the posts for United, but will now line up unfamiliarly donning the Villa crest after ending his Manchester City nightmare this summer.
MEURER, PATENT FAILURE 161 (2008), suggesting that the examiners' unfamiliarly with new technologies and lack of knowledge may hurt patent examination quality; and John R.
While Ladbrokes chief executive Richard Glynn gave an unfamiliarly revealing and lengthy account of his first year in office to an audience of media representatives and analysts, his more publicity driven Hills counterpart Ralph Topping told a similar gathering that he would "keep it simple" and then held centre stage for even longer.
quite like the colour canary It's why you don't see many yellow baboons in Sefton Park, not because of the unfamiliarly inclement climate but because the grey city animals have jealously chased them all away
Piano-driven opener Mr Pitiful is more unfamiliarly upfront, and Emergency Call is unashamed brassy rock'n'roll.
A military training instructor, wearing the familiar "Smokey Bear" hat, stands off behind the group, unfamiliarly quiet, as a cadre of upperclassman cadets leads the trainees.
This has been a frustrating week for the top European hope - whose appearances at the practice ground have been unfamiliarly brief.