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Perhaps, rather unfashionably, he goes against much current thinking by suggesting that although the use of "potentially inexhaustible" nuclear energy will grow in some regions, for the next century its share of the global energy mix is unlikely to expand.
Stinking of cheap aftershave and dressed unfashionably in a shapeless jacket, dated jeans and white trainers, he sidled up to our girl, giving her a hug and touching her leg.
She knows that philo-Semitism cannot be understood without understanding anti-Semitism, but rightly, though unfashionably, does not simply dismiss the former as a reaction to the latter.
278-9) Unfashionably, but convincingly, it argues that Stalinism represented an anti-socialist social order that, in the absence of social revolution in advanced capitalist Europe, destroyed the isolated revolution in Russia from within.
The author is notable for his unfashionably firm views in dealing with criminals and addicts.
Many investigators who stumble upon the remnants of a vast repast think they have simply arrived unfashionably late to what was once a big party, he argues.
Made as the Parti Quebecois came to power, the film is unfashionably critical of Quebec's colonial relationship with France, and remains a poetic commentary on how we in Canada are perhaps still fighting the old colonial battles of European powers who could care less about former distant holdings of empire.
Furthermore, by mobilizing fashionably liberal sentiments on Kant's side, Sullivan encourages a fairer evaluation of Kant's unfashionably rigorous morality than it might otherwise receive.
Much later, I remember the beauty of this partnership because at first it seemed incongruous, then brilliantly, unconventionally, balanced: because of Laerkesen's abandon in her choreography for arms and upper body, yet with scruples in designing quick, acute footwork; and because of the choreographer's unfashionably bold affirmation of emotion in our era of postminimalistic whimpering, cynicism, and smallness.
With a word change here and there to avoid unfashionably direct references to racial determinism, today's rhetoric about race, culture, and "Western Civilization's" conflicts and responsibilities in the Third World builds on insidious Nineteenth-Century theories.
AT an unfashionably early hour of the evening in that post-festive period during which restaurants usually stand empty, we sauntered into Bodega thinking that getting a couple of seats would be a formality.
Ebadiyan, a Grade 3 winner over hurdles for Oliver and Rita, remains their highlight, but in Imperial Shabra they have a stable star who may get unfashionably beaten every other week but wins more than his fair share.