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The bolts of the door were rusty, and difficult to unfasten without noise.
Unfasten and re-attach any fencing /shields attached to tank that may interfere with application of coatings.
Only with the help of his fellow Beatles and the beautiful Ahme is Ringo able to unfasten the accursed red jewel.
We were emptying the bin when the tape measure showing the amount of grain left became stuck and I went down to unfasten it.
Then it says that it would be very difficult to unfasten the 3-point seat belt if the bus were overturned in a crash.
He climbed up a ladder to unfasten the clips which attached a rain cover to the top of the extraction unit.
Unfasten the dzus fasteners on the aft end of the engine cowling.
Place dumpling on top of a plate, unfasten string and open up, then place second plate on top of exposed dumpling and using both plates turn upside down.
However, some of the cheekier black-and-white lemurs have worked out how to unfasten their collars so we're now looking at ways to make them more secure.
At the signal - I liked David's idea of a countdown, with the crowd joining in - though it must be led by a celebrity such as Coleen or Nancy Dell'Olio, or possibly by Ant and Dec or Jenny Pitman or Kate Middleton - the riders would run across, unfasten the hitching reins, leap onto their steeds, and charge off towards the Melling Road.
Byington was unable to unfasten her seatbelt, so Parker slipped through the window, released the restraint, pulled her out, and swam the 60 feet or so back to shore.