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The ape-man cuffed him aside and unfastened the rope from the tree.
He unfastened the rope from about the tree and, with Numa close at his side, slunk into No Man's Land.
She unfastened her dress, exposing her breast, and lifted her arms, bare to the elbow.
In a panic of terror, he snatched up his knapsack, unfastened the yard door, and fled from the house.
LEFT alone in the drawing-room, Moody looked at the unfastened envelope on the table.
We laughed so we could hardly fish the poor thing up, or listen while she explained that she had slipped out of her window for a word with Mike, and found it fastened when she wanted to come back, so she had sat on the roof, trying to discover the cause of this mysterious barring out, till she was tired, when she prowled round the house till she found a cellar window unfastened, after all our care, and got in quite cleverly, she thought; but the tub was a new arrangement which she knew nothing about; and when she fell into the 'say,' she was bewildered and could only howl.
She unfastened this card and returned to the path, where the light was better, and sat herself down upon a slab of rock to read the printing.
Francois unfastened Sol-leks's traces and put him back in his old place.
Sick as he was, Dave resented being taken out, grunting and growling while the traces were unfastened, and whimpering broken-heartedly when he saw Sol-leks in the position he had held and served so long.
She unfastened the clasp and seated herself in his most comfortable chair.
said Maggie, seating herself submissively, while Lucy knelt again and unfastened the contemptible butterfly.
He stood and gazed and could not believe his eyes: the door, the outer door from the stairs, at which he had not long before waited and rung, was standing unfastened and at least six inches open.