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Christ, the "new Adam," undertook to bear the burden of these depths with us and did not wish to remain sublimely unaffected by them; conversely, of course, total rejection in all its unfathomability has only now become possible.
Just as John Updike's fiction locates the beautiful in the mundane, the redemptive in the descriptive, so Robert Alter's Bible finds saving grace, "a momentary stay against confusion" and hence "clarification of life" (Frost's language), in the conflicts, perplexities, unfathomability, vividness, and revelatory dialogue of ever-changing character both human and divine.
Equally important is the unfathomability, the ambiguity, the imponderables at the heart of the Titanic's terrible tale," the authors said.
While I had other projects during this period--poems not associated with prehistory, a translation of Cesar Vallejo' s book, Trilce, the essays collected in Antiphonal Swing, and editing Sulfur magazine for nineteen years--the caves were the over-arching preoccupation, and I would like to think that their imaginative breakthrough and essential unfathomability invigorated my other projects and made me increasingly humble about anything I might accomplish as well as about the cultural achievements of modern humankind.
The reader's reaction will depend mostly on how he or she handles unfathomability.
Finally, there is the humbling sense of the awesome power and ultimate unfathomability of God, and of man's inadequacy in the face of it.
postcolonial pedagogy cannot function meaningfully either as top-down instruction or as bottom-up enablement; this pedagogy can neither disperse itself into pure cultural relativism nor rise to the propositional level of a unified and coherent postcolonialism; a postcolonial pedagogy can only walk the line, dialectically, between identification and disidentification, between recognition and unfathomability.
However, I would suggest that the idea of the nonobjectivity and even unfathomability of the subjective receives an additional existential impetus from a certain type of encounter with the other.
Our entrance here being an Exclusion from comprehension," (11) the open-endedness and unfathomability of the mystery of existence are infinitely beyond the capacity of the human mind to imagine and the human hand to portray.
THE farcical outcome of the race at Ayr which `earned' Kieren Fallon his ban provided clear evidence that the incomprehensibility of the riding rules is matched only by the unfathomability of the stewards in interpreting them.
Because random selection by its very nature seems irrational, some may reject it out of hand, but the unfathomability of sortition also makes it a tool for creating legitimacy and efficiency.
A place of sudden turns where we sense, as if mirrored, the strangeness and melancholy of things through the absolutism of artistic decisions made in the face of the Ineffability and unfathomability of being.