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But, that is what artists do; they take the labyrinth of life and the unfathomability of human emotion and try their best to compress it into a limited dimensional layer that can perhaps be better preserved than our mortal memory.
In doing so, they often stressed the unfathomability of it all.
Christ, the "new Adam," undertook to bear the burden of these depths with us and did not wish to remain sublimely unaffected by them; conversely, of course, total rejection in all its unfathomability has only now become possible.
The non-chronological fragment shows the complexity of liv's consciousness: from her own functional memories to the dissociated traumas that arise unbidden and thence to those of her predecessors, which haunt her in their unfathomability and uncanny absence.
Indeed, for someone with a reasonably firm assurance that his memories faithfully capture the relevant past, Tony acknowledges to a paradoxical degree the murkiness and unfathomability of the reality that surrounds us.
Just as John Updike's fiction locates the beautiful in the mundane, the redemptive in the descriptive, so Robert Alter's Bible finds saving grace, "a momentary stay against confusion" and hence "clarification of life" (Frost's language), in the conflicts, perplexities, unfathomability, vividness, and revelatory dialogue of ever-changing character both human and divine.
Equally important is the unfathomability, the ambiguity, the imponderables at the heart of the Titanic's terrible tale," the authors said.
With the horror of these events also grew a sense of the unfathomability of motive, the only explanation, in the terms of this moral panic, lying in the inherent evil or incontestable 'sickness', of the perpetrator, especially when contrasted with the innocence of the victim, particularly if a beautiful young woman, a trusting pensioner or a child.
This second strand of adaptations reveals, firstly, a departure from the polarised binarisms of good/evil, attractive/repulsive Jekyll/Hyde predominant in the earlier and more conservative renditions, and, secondly, an attempt to capture Hyde's deconstructive unfathomability.
The ghosts of place, the things, products, fashions, networks and signs, are paradoxically uncanny in both their unfathomability and their seeming familiarity.
Antisemitism bears not only a considerable quantitative difference (as manifested in the Shoah) in comparison to prejudice and racism, it also has qualitative differences, in the concrete (material and sexual) articulation of the potential power attributed to the Other, as well as in the abstractness of the attribution given to antisemitism, which is fantasized as a "mysterious unfathomability, abstraction and generality" (Postone 1982, 15).
He says her unfathomability is "a genuine insight," and so it is (Hunter 215).