unfavorable circumstance

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If he have found his centre, the Deity will shine through him, through all the disguises of ignorance, of ungenial temperament, of unfavorable circumstance.
It is one of the many methods in which they employ this weapon, and the accuracy of aim which they achieve, even under the most unfavorable circumstances, is little short of miraculous.
She said they perform duty in unfavorable circumstance, leaving behind their families and children, and travel in public transport bearing fares from their own pocket but for no avail.
I feel very bad that we've created such an unfavorable circumstance ahead of the elections,'' Gemba told a meeting of top policymakers from local DPJ organizations two days after 16 lawmakers affiliated with former party leader Ichiro Ozawa launched a revolt.
The first quarter's drop has been triggered by some unfavorable circumstances unrelated to the sound fundamentals of our economy, specifically the sharp fall of oil prices.
Out $50,000 from the cancellation and with additional insurance needed to protect sponsors after Superstorm Sandy against unfavorable circumstances and loses from the cancellation, the parade has been in desperate need of support from the community.
There are now more unfavorable circumstances both inside and outside.
The minister and, with reference to the actual cabinet crisis, dismissed likely resumption of dialogue with no major decisions ever likely to be taken under unfavorable circumstances.
For him, this is what power is about: taking hard decisions under unfavorable circumstances.
They urged upon the participants to be patient over unfavorable circumstances and focus on peace related initiatives to bring normalcy in the region.
Magistrates in Varna further report that for the first time they have to deal with claims for amendment or annulment of already signed contracts over unforeseen of unfavorable circumstances such as rent contracts for offices and other facilities.
Membership to the European Union constituted the most fundamental strategic goals of the Turkish foreign policy, adding that despite all unfavorable circumstances, the Turkish government did not quit its march toward the accession.