unfavorable verdict

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A reasonable estimate in an unfavorable verdict would have been above $1 million," Dingle responded.
Charge for plaintiff's attorneys' fees associated with the unfavorable verdict in the antitrust and false advertising lawsuit filed against BD by RTI.
A law enforcement source told RIA Novosti that the suspected attacker was motivated by unhappiness at an unfavorable verdict.
Faced with the prospect that an unfavorable verdict could have effectively killed the BlackBerry's email delivery system in the United States, RIM paid NTP a reported $612.
In August, a jury returned an unfavorable verdict in a litigated contract dispute and awarded the plaintiff damages of approximately $3 million, which had a negative impact on third-quarter earnings per share of approximately 17 cents.
2d DCA, February 8, 2002) (plaintiff having failed to check Collier County public records before unfavorable verdict precluded an attempt to set aside verdict, citing Tejada); State Farm Fire and Casualty Company v.
The defendants' counsel appealed to the jury's sympathy by commenting in his summation that "an unfavorable verdict would be the same as convicting the defendant physicians of "taking the life of another man.
Some are settled out of court, but of those that have gone to trial, he said, he has had an unfavorable verdict only once.
The high cost of defense against lawsuits and the size of loss resulting from an unfavorable verdict are taking nursing home operators past the "sticker shock" of EPLI price to the realization that this insurance is fast becoming a necessary business expense.
Results in the fourth quarter of 2006 included $690,000 for an unfavorable verdict in an intellectual property dispute, and legal fees of approximately $500,000 for litigation related to the dispute.
As previously reported, in early August, the jury returned an unfavorable verdict in this lawsuit, finding that USA Truck breached a contract agreement and awarding the plaintiff damages of approximately $3.