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Nearly as many view Sanders unfavorably as favorably, giving him a +5 net favorable score.
4 ]Income tax benefit for the second quarter of fiscal 2014 was unfavorably impacted by the establishment of reserves against net deferred tax assets of $3.
On the unfavorable side, more American rated North Korea very unfavorably but more rated Iran mostly unfavorably.
The poll found that Obama's proposals are seen favorably by 76 percent of Democrats, but unfavorably by 72 percent of Republicans.
and asserted that these issues reflected unfavorably on the managerial resources of JPMCB.
The EU will likely respond unfavorably to this proposal, because it actually expands the existing tax benefits.
Our quarterly results were unfavorably impacted the UPS strike," said Mark Cohn, chairman and chief executive.
Nearly all of the features studied in this pair -- such as average and peak nighttime growth-hormone concentrations, and the number of hormone pulses released into the blood -- compared unfavorably with values seen in normal short children, and even in children suffering from growth-hormone neurosecretory dysfunction.
Severe winter weather unfavorably affected restaurant traffic by an estimated 1.
The public sees the legislative body's two top leaders, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, unfavorably.
According to polling released Friday by Rasmussen Report, 51 percent of likely voters rated Boehner unfavorably, giving him a net favorability rating of negative 20.
Longs estimated that preliminary July pharmacy same-store sales were unfavorably impacted by approximately 275 to 300 basis points as a result of recent generic introductions being substituted for higher-priced brand name drugs.