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The novels, through these two processes of degeneration, converting the mother into a non-mother, and the angelic beautiful woman into the evil temptress, underline the unfeasibility of the traditional female stereotype of the angel in the house, the devoted mother and loyal wife, still present at the end of the 19th century.
Atcor, on the other hand, where a lesser standard of commercial unfeasibility was advocated, has not been referred to favourably by other courts in respect of force majeure clauses, and thus it does not represent a repurposing of the general standard away from impossibility.
Beauvoir's chapter on development of gender as a child is enlightening here: young girls are encouraged to alienate themselves in dolls, yet in Belin's work, women and dolls are almost indistinguishable; the mannequins are 'belle comme une image' (1949ii, 28) (29) precisely because they are images, thus the viewer must acknowledge the absolute artifice and unfeasibility of the process.
The limitation of the SeeColor prototype lies in the unfeasibility of using this device to congenitally blind people, because they are unable to distinguish the colors and cannot have the sense of perspective transformations.
He prefers to give up because he perceives the unfeasibility of what is expected of him.
The broader need is to address the obstacles--environment and the unfeasibility of spending eight to 10 hours a day at a workplace.
With these mutual break-downs of communication, Coetzee aims to disclose the unfeasibility of constructing a set relation between the writer and his characters.
I am in the subterranean kitchens of The Ritz shadowing the hotel's unfeasibility unflappable Adam Smith as he commands the pass with a maturity that belies his age.
The proposal was met with immediate resistance, with many policymakers pointing out its unfeasibility given the fact that land resources fall under the purview of state governments.
Welch, on the other hand, diverts even further from the orthodox Native American narrative mode, fashioning his story in a way more akin to the contemporary testimonies of genocide survivors, disestablishing the conventional story of recovery and suggesting the unfeasibility of his character's return home upon long-term exposure to displacement.
Given the coding of the transcript and the way Interviewee 1 scored the variables relative to their importance for the example, one might say that the strategy transformed significantly due to the unfeasibility of the plan, which was exacerbated by the instability of the environment and the resultant change in customer requirements.
Finally, Part V draws insights from a theoretical perspective to explain the unfeasibility of European harmonization in the realm of corporate governance.