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Superior among these works, Saree Makdisi opines, are those that ponder the intricacy, even the unfeasibility, of producing a narrative with causal continuity.
Field experiments such as this have many strengths; however, this type of design sacrifices internal validity because of the practical difficulties associated with incorporating high levels of control - for example, unfeasibility in ensuring that commodity characteristics, incentives and other potentially confounding factors are equivalent across treatments (for Jap's insightful comments on these issues, see pages 100 and 105 of her paper).
National dams did not fulfill their annual expectations, and the many attempts of pulling water to Amman were aborted due to unfeasibility or high operational cost.
The Canadian program failed not because of any unfeasibility in allowing tattooing but because of its unnecessary costs and subsidies.
The novel shows the complete breakdown of traditional authority but also the complete unfeasibility of power to be structured as it has been.
Because of the practical unfeasibility of exercising full residence-based taxation, source-based taxation seems to be the superior means for satisfying CEN.
Yet its desirability is highly questionable, for the present disintegration of affluent societies may well be attributed to affluence itself rather than to any of its avoidable manifestations, while its total unfeasibility is demonstrable to anyone who knows how to count.
Well, precisely because they are so very perverse in their feats of photographic unfeasibility.
However the industry has already been knocked out by the current unfeasibility of the $5 billion investments it has made in the past few years and further investments have stopped.
The danger with this critical strategy is that every play seems to invite the same reading: an analysis of its own unfeasibility.
The paper presented a performance study based on the number of times that the reasoning process needs to be carried in a real setting, from which the inefficiency and unfeasibility of current approach is derived.
Once again the author's concern is the general public's relinquishment of responsibility, though not by blaming evil forces for the unfeasibility of its ideals, but by idolizing those specialists "encased by technology," the "pilots," "engineers" and "captain{s}" who will "steer us through a dream" (162-3).