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Big Bro Fred has been around for fun, games and an unfeasibly large amount of tickling and one-sided wrestling from yours truly on a 24/7 basis.
It's got the lot - great melody, an unfeasibly large chorus and real depth.
The 15in laptop may be startlingly slim (approaching MacBook Air's waifish levels), precociously powerful (thanks to quad-core i7s) and unfeasibly fast (due to its all-flash memory).
Think about it, a widowed former English teacher who pens whodunits just happens to be on hand to help with police enquiries every time another corpse washes up in her otherwise picture-postcard coastal town with its already unfeasibly high body count.
As a committed Whovian (they really are called that) he remains unfeasibly excited by the Time Lord in all his incarnations.
It's true; in their younger years they'd love nothing more than secreting themselves into unfeasibly small spaces where they'd then sometimes go undetected for days.
Off-spinner Sunil Narine has not only taken nine wickets but done so at the unfeasibly stingy rate of 4.
Indeed, so few of the bespoke British beasts will be produced that Bentley is expecting awaiting list for the unfeasibly fast GTC Speed, which has its power boosted to 600bhp.
Its dreary, rainy weather, and forest-clad mountains, makes it a perfect home for the Cullens - a family of deathly pale vampires with good looks and unfeasibly big hair.
Ms Blears contrasted the wise president and his "idealistic and unfeasibly good looking" staff portrayed in the long-running White House drama with the cast of buffoons, villains and chancers in its British equivalents.
He moves with his mum and brother to Florida and starts at a school full of unfeasibly pretty girls and guys with ripped torsos.
Luckily for them, Vernet is an ace accordion player and they pick their way from town to town in their unfeasibly small Fiat Topolino, often literally singing for their supper.