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As a committed Whovian (they really are called that) he remains unfeasibly excited by the Time Lord in all his incarnations.
It's true; in their younger years they'd love nothing more than secreting themselves into unfeasibly small spaces where they'd then sometimes go undetected for days.
Off-spinner Sunil Narine has not only taken nine wickets but done so at the unfeasibly stingy rate of 4.
Ms Blears contrasted the wise president and his "idealistic and unfeasibly good looking" staff portrayed in the long-running White House drama with the cast of buffoons, villains and chancers in its British equivalents.
At the other end of the scale there will also be an unfeasibly fast RS 6 Saloon model costing pounds 76,160 that will line up alongside the existing pounds 77,730 Avant equivalent from November.
He moves with his mum and brother to Florida and starts at a school full of unfeasibly pretty girls and guys with ripped torsos.
The Touareg R50 boasts one of the most powerful diesel engines in the world but still achieves economy of more than 20mpg, which is acceptable for such an unfeasibly large 4x4.
Unfeasibly white teeth, irritating grins, vomit-worthy niceness.
Either that, or they were referring strictly to the debates about who does the morning milking, and ignoring the unfeasibly high death rate.
The Bavarians have slipped a three-litre six cylinder engine beneath the bonnet of the company's smallest 1-Series model to create the unfeasibly quick 130i.
Forget all that stuff and nonsense about how such terminals help drive customer footfall, boosting sales in the process; the experience of many retailers is of unfeasibly low commission rates, lots of hassle and lost sales.
I'm still behind deadline on my next novel, thus I'm spending 18 hours a day in a chair making up romantic comedy scenes involving unfeasibly attractive men.