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My novella, Love Unfeigned, is an invitation for imperfect human beings (in a word, everyone) to take their self-imposed bounds off of love and to let it live.
We havestartedoff,"Carsonsaid,hisvoice measured,hisawestruck tone utterly unfeigned, "withanun-believable performance.
At this time, the minister "publically put[s] the offender in mind of the fortunes of his sin and stir[s] him up to a serious repentance" and asks the "penitent publically whether he hath found a true and earnest remorse in his soul, and whether he hath humbled himself before God for it, and whether he doth desire that the whole congregation should take notice of his humiliation and unfeigned repentance.
Right from the advent of Islam, the unfeigned significance of the economy has been emphasised by Prophet Muhammad (s.
Never can I, therefore, please myself in the hope that I may obtain the name of a servant of Christ if 1 possess not a true and unfeigned charity within me.
The Wall was a symbol of tyranny and imperialism whose fall prompted unfeigned rejoicing among Germans.
The beauty of Tibet is as graceful as the luster of jade, simple and unfeigned, says Nan Haiyan, who has visited Tibet several times.
His productions offered elaborations of his early concept of "Greek folk expressionism" which he linked to the sense of "the unfeigned plasticity as it is manifested in life, in mountains, in flumes, in trees, in animals, in birds and in humans.
Why is it that we cannot enter the festival of Christmas with an unfeigned love of its true meaning and a heart full of desire to make all around us happy?
Giam and Mackay forged a deep symbiotic relationship grounded upon unfeigned mutual respect and admiration.
He reveals an unfeigned, caring modesty when he relates here to the huge difficulties a head of state like Sarkozy (no different, he says, than a former Mitterrand or Chirac) faces day to day.
You achieve all that "in pureness, in knowledge, in long suffering, in kindness, in the Holy Spirit, in love unfeigned," states the greeting letter of the Bulgarian President including a quote from Apostle Paul from Corinthians 6:6.