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And they which in act or deed, do sin after their baptism, when they convert, and turn again to God unfeignedly, they are likewise washed, by this sacrifice, from their sins, in such sort that there remaineth not any spot of sin, that shall be imputed to their damnation.
so that] all who have blood and breath unfeignedly honour and love him.
But as Baxter saw it, a fundamental change seemed to have taken place in many parishioners' understanding of the role of religion: for Sir Ralph "little knew (nor others of that Temper) how firm conscientious Men are to the Matters of their everlasting Interest, and how little Mens Authority can do against the Authority to God, with those that are unfeignedly subject to him.
If you are not Renewed and Sanctified; if you do not truly Repent, so as to hate Sin, and leave it, and turn to the Lord; if you do not unfeignedly give up Yourselves to God in Christ, as your Saviour, and Sovereign, your Judgment is near, your Destruction is at hand, you must Perish; and that more dreadfully, than most others in the World.