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Trace quantities of quercetin, luteolin and chrysoeriol are also present in the fermented and unfermented rooibos extract (Table 2 and Figs.
It is unfermented sugar from grapes, and wineries routinely measure it down to a 10th of a percent.
The Company's patent protects the method and apparatus for maintaining a centralized facility for the production of unfermented and unprocessed hopped wort (one of the last steps of the beer brewing production process) which is then transported to Company restaurant fermentation tanks where it is finished into beer.
List of Figures Figure 1, China's Production Capacity of Pasteurized Milk by Province, 2012 1 Figure 2, Change of Output and Growth Rate of Pasteurized Milk in China, 2001-2012 2 Figure 3, Pasteurized Milk Producers Numbers by Province in China, 2012 4 Figure 4, Market Share of Different Pasteurized Milk Packaging Types in China 8 Figure 5, Forecast on Outputs of Pasteurized Milk in China, 2012-2020 9 Figure 6, Circulation of Pasteurized Milk in China 11 Figure 7, Steps of Pasteurized Milk into Supermarket in China 13 Figure 8, Cold-Chain Logistics Models for Pasteurized Milk in China 15 Figure 9, China's Unfermented Liquid Milk Import Volume by Original Country, 2012 18 Figure 10, Change of Pasteurized Milk Import Volume in China, 2000-2012 21
18] reported that fermented sorghum is more digestible than unfermented sorghum.
It was also postulated that Chungkukjang had higher concentration of polyphenol compounds, particularly two fractions including aglycone and malonylglycoside isoflavone, and resulted in much stronger antioxidant activity than unfermented steamed soybeans.
Winemaking adds smells and tastes to those of the unfermented fruit.
This process, known as mutage, kills off the yeast and arrests the fermentation, allowing the fortified wine to retain its unfermented grape sugars, producing natural sweetness and a beverage of between 18-20 per cent abv.
Instead, Bryggerigruppen sells Vita Malt, an unfermented version of Ceres Royal Stout, which contains one-and-one-half the amount of sugar found in CocaCola.