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Grenier makes this observation in her discussion of Tolstoy's polyphony and movement toward an unfinalized female ward character.
According to the Revealed Law, this means the return of a woman who is in her waiting period from an unfinalized, non-threefold divorce to the state of marriage; see Keller, Reliance, 564-565, for further details.
Unfinalized moments; essays in the development of contemporary Jewish American narrative.
Recall that the story from the picture and its related stories are really non-linear, unfinalized, and incoherent.
He is editor of a book from Purdue University Press called Unfinalized Moments: Essays in the Development of Contemporary Jewish American Fiction.
He has published many articles on American literature and graphic narrative and the books, Philip Roth: New Perspectives on an American Author (2005) and Unfinalized Moments: Essays in the Development of Jewish American Narrative (2011).
The actual word that gets communicated is for speaker, writer, listener, and reader a contextually embedded, socially constituted, intersubjective event that allows for unfinalized, but indeterminate, meaning.
Likewise, when considering how to engage in unfinalized dialogical relations in sport and exercise psychology, professionals may avoid saying of another during an interview or while writing, "This is who such a person is.
Dialogue between protest groups and governing elites remains unfinalized, the success of a protest group is the object of subjective assessment in most cases.
The proposal is buried in an unfinalized "agreement" between Sutter and the Eden Township Healthcare District that also includes reducing the number of hospital beds at Eden Medical Center from 178 to 130.
Recent debates about the planned, but as yet unfinalized, Substantive Patent Law Treaty have been subject to wider consultation than has been the case earlier in the history of the negotiations.
In other words, instead of a powerful, monologic voice, the new states can be said to be engaged in open-ended, unfinalized dialogue with their constituencies.