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According to a top official, municipal inspectors slapped fines on 10 food institutions in the southern parts of the emirate for selling expired products unfit for human consumption.
Approximately 90 carcasses imported by the BLC were were found unfit for human consumption by health and veterinary authorities.
Worse still than cheating your customers you were selling as vodka a substance unfit for human consumption.
Additionally in some cases where a resident has purchased the fish, it appears that within 24 hours the fish has gone 'off', and as become unfit for human consumption.
7 crore Delhiites consume fruits and vegetables unfit for human consumption.
Around 785 kilogrammes of meat unfit for human consumption and 305 utensils were confiscated during the inspections, they said.
A STOCKTON slaughterhouse is facing 36 charges of selling food unfit for human consumption and breaching hygiene regulations.
It also turned back 115 cartons of baby food that was found unfit for human consumption, shut down 244 food companies and production lines and destroyed other food items during inspection visits to factories and production facilities throughout the Kingdom.
Out of the food items numbering 12,459 investigated, about 110kg was found to be unfit for human consumption.
If an inspection of a carcass reveals tuberculous lesions in more than one organ or region, it is declared unfit for human consumption and destroyed, but if only the lymph nodes in one organ or part of the carcass is infected, then that area is removed and the rest is considered safe to enter the food chain.
Further campaigns would be conducted in the province's slaughterhouses, supermarkets, restaurants, meat and fish freezers, factories and distribution outlets, in an attempt to recall and incinerate any meat deemed unfit for human consumption.
Another 4,000 tests will be conducted on horse meat to check forthe drug phenylbutazone - an anti-inflammatory used to treat animals but considered unfit for human consumption.