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I'm surprised the fittingly numbered (13) but unfittingly named (Task Complete) didn't kick them all down, she behaved so badly.
Indeed, not unfittingly the Holy Spirit is understood to have given the first gift of languages to people, by which human wisdom is outwardly both learnt and taught, so that it could demonstrate how easily it can make people wise through the wisdom of God that is within them.
But the final word, unfittingly, should go Newcastle shot-shy striker Sholo Ameobi: Reporter to Ameobi: ``Do you have a nickname?
lines 2435-40) (5) (There was for the eldest, unfittingly, a murderous deathbed made by the actions of a kinsman, when Haedcyn killed him, his lord and friend, with an arrow from a horn bow; he missed the target and shot dead his kinsman, one brother the other, with a bloody spear.