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To solve this seemingly unfixable situation, the husband and wife duo developed Jackass Parking Chalk and an associated social sharing platform.
We evaluated the damage and decided it was unfixable at the circuit - it was rendered scrap and to be used for spares.
It was music to the ears of us all at Wolves to hear that Dicko would not be travelling with the Mali squad to play in the African Cup of Nations this month - a muchneeded boost to what seemed to be an unfixable departure of one of the club's top performers during Jack Price | the last two campaigns.
It is really surprising what they did to the safe, it is in a really bad condition - basically unfixable.
It's unfixable for the most part," Nohl said at the time.
Nothing that we did was unfixable, it was making mistakes at the wrong time.
Although the car made it back to the garage, recovered after Felipe Massa crashed his Williams into a barrier just six minutes later to complete a wretched morning for the team, it proved unfixable to send the 31-year-old Scot back on track.
Lawmakers decided they will take another shot at fixing the seemingly unfixable Pentagon procurement system, and have asked industry groups to submit suggestions.
Unfixable and unsaleable items should be safely disposed of at your local tip.
One final caution about nice-looking rifles and shotguns: The steel beneath the stock can be rusted, sometimes to the point of being unfixable.
It's quite miserable when you think about it, and these are miserable and desperate times, which ultimately lead to miserable and desperate measures, like taking the man that symbolises the only functioning state institution left, and pushing him at the forefront to take on our ever growing tsunami of unfixable problems, while patting him on the back and telling him "You can do it.