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However, there is a scarcity of research comparing the efficacy of the fixed and unfixed combinations of latanoprost and timolol in clinical practice for the management of open-angle glaucoma and OH.
The leaking hole in the roof of St Alphonsus Church Hall on Westbourne Grove, North Ormesby, has gone unfixed since damage was caused during storms last year.
Drain covers being left unfixed Dear Sir, After the recent tragedy of a young boy who died after falling into an open manhole in Doha, I am cautious about my every step forward, literally.
Due to inflation and unfixed minimum wages that most middle-class families are receiving in the Kingdom, Saudis are demanding low-rent apartments and low-cost schooling.
In these checks many of the aircraft's surface panels are unfixed to facilitate internal inspection and this is where the 40 new Makita drill drivers are proving their value.
Each time the algorithm moves to a new node it checks the distance to the point x in each of the remaining unfixed coordinates.
The lack of help comes despite the 'Beauty and the Beat' singer's grandparents having very limited income and living in difficult conditions - a hole in the roof caused by a falling tree goes unfixed.
Using only 5% or less unfixed dye instead of the conventional 15-30%, Avitera SE greatly reduces the number of rinsing baths required to obtain fastness properties.
It's disheartening to say it, but some of the companies mentioned in my posts still have unfixed problems (they were all notified well in advance of any publication)," Cortesi said in a blog post published Tuesday in light of the new UDID leak, which he described as a "privacy catastrophe.
As the editors rightly point out, the field of socio-technical evolution is currently unfolding apace, and this collection represents a very material artefact that stands in contrast to the unfixed and evolving nature of the digital city.
Becoming-other is consistently associated with the disruption of commonsense time and the emergence of a floating, unfixed time (on the plane of consistency there exists a kind of identity that may be characterized with some precision).
Skype learned more than a year ago about a privacy vulnerability that would allow someone to identify the IP address and the geographic location of a user, but left it unfixed, according to researchers who say they notified the company in 2010.