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Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) lacks any serious competition from the country's fragmented opposition groups, and Erdoy-an enjoys a base that unflaggingly supports him.
7) As Warner reflects, Sedgwick's optimism was far from 'naive'--and she believed in the continued potency of queer thinking right up to the end of her life as the essays collected in The Weather in Proust, many of which return to earlier moments in her oeuvre, unflaggingly attest-even if her worry that queer theory might succumb to 'the short shelf-life of the American marketplace of images' (8) has often re-sounded in the frequent forebodings of queer theory's end, its ruin.
Even though his travels during the past two decades have also taken him to Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, Germany, Great Britain, Canada and elsewhere, Kuchta remains unflaggingly optimistic about Korea's future role in world ceramics.
Yet it is so critical to Hill's thesis that he needs it to be true, so he simply asserts it forcefully and unflaggingly, apparently hoping the reader will forget he never demonstrated it to even the flimsiest of standards.
Through a long life with considerable hardships, including the untimely death of his first wife, a series of mental breakdowns in midcareer, and the partial loss of one of his limbs in retirement, Warren continued to reach out to his epistolary friends unflaggingly for sustenance.
But this person," Artaud continued, already foreseeing that this spectacular dreamworld would not allow for unlimited fantasies, "will always be the same, and this landscape, or setting, or action, or drama will always, unflaggingly, be the same.
Second, BCTF takes the long view, setting and pursuing labour relations goals that it pursues consistently and unflaggingly.
finish last night, Quest is unflaggingly energetic.
According to Postema's colleague Mike Sebring, it was simply a result of his boss' unflaggingly positive attitude, and his commitment to doing the right thing.
We would stop seeking the approbation of the bad seeds and unflaggingly reward the fiercely loyal.
Rather, Kaufman carefully, unflaggingly and courageously sought justice for the victims of crime, for those who perpetrated them and, especially, for the wrongfully convicted.
On the other hand, many NGOs and social movements have unflaggingly questioned time and time again the choice of the MDG goals and the indicators, and the processes through which these were derived and decreed.