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Let's welcome then, the Reform to the Compulsory Health Plan that, for the first time, highlights the need to work in the field of mental health as stipulated in Article 66 of this new agreement we waited for so long and for whose attainment we have unflaggingly struggled from different instances of the Colombian Psychiatry Association.
Second, BCTF takes the long view, setting and pursuing labour relations goals that it pursues consistently and unflaggingly.
A rare-for-Spain, nearly half-hour six-seg comedy, "Que fue" pictures real-life Spanish thesp Jorge Sanz's pathetic attempts to reboot a supposedly flagging career, aided by his unflaggingly optimistic tyro agent.
finish last night, Quest is unflaggingly energetic.
Baldy is unflaggingly realistic, yet unfailing optimistic.
We would stop seeking the approbation of the bad seeds and unflaggingly reward the fiercely loyal.
According to Postema's colleague Mike Sebring, it was simply a result of his boss' unflaggingly positive attitude, and his commitment to doing the right thing.
56) Yet for others, a good mother was one who, above all, looked after the financial interests of her children through dose attention to estate management or worked unflaggingly to place their daughters at court, even if she relegated their physical care and education to nannies and governesses.
Rather, Kaufman carefully, unflaggingly and courageously sought justice for the victims of crime, for those who perpetrated them and, especially, for the wrongfully convicted.
On the other hand, many NGOs and social movements have unflaggingly questioned time and time again the choice of the MDG goals and the indicators, and the processes through which these were derived and decreed.
It reminds us of us how much he has done, how richly varied it has been, and how unflaggingly he has kept in touch.
The thinking and attitudes that my father exhibited with respect to space science was not characteristic of him in his strategic dealings with the public and business worlds, where he unflaggingly worked for compromise and dialogue; or in his intellectual life, the very nature of which was eclectic, dialectical and interdisciplinary or in his daily activities and interests.