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Scott would have been appalled at the posthumous attacks on Evans having praised his companion's strength and unflappability.
Kinane's experience and unflappability dovetailed ideally with O'Brien's attention to detail.
Oriental unflappability was much needed for the beginnings of both these pieces, when stewarding issues meant latecomers and a squalling baby threatened to disrupt proceedings.
Today the Tory Prime Minister nicknamed Supermac for his unflappability in his prime seems a curious Edwardian throwback compared to today's slick operators.
Obama projected an air of competence and unflappability in all three encounters, and thereby allayed apprehensions that he is too green, too untested, to be entrusted with the presidency in a time when anxieties run high.
The 21-year-old brought with him from Essex a reputation for solidity and unflappability.
To me, Milton Berle, with his Eastern cheekiness, his unflappability, represent Mom and apple pie as much as anybody.
Sam Neill plays Chief Cliff Buxton whose unflappability is sorely tested when one of his crew forgets to power up the back-up generator and all the computer data is lost in a power black-out.
In that World Cup, Seaman stood large, renowned as one of the planet's top keepers, his Euro '96 reputation having been reinforced by the unflappability he displayed time and again.
Much has been made this week of the ice-cool unflappability of Sky News war correspondent Alex Crawford.
Lizzie and Di were hoping for time together for reminiscence and confidences while Lizzie's musician husband is abroad, but they were reckoning without the heatwave and hunky rainman Dafydd in boxer shorts, who would test Lizzie's reputation for faithfulness and unflappability.
Nothing bothered Sea The Stars yesterday as the colt, perhaps having inherited his trainer's unflappability, breezed through the preliminaries and the race.