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Thanks to Suzanne Bilyeu for her speed, accuracy, and unflappable professionalism.
He enlivens even a narrative on par ty politics by relating how the unflappable and indestructible Palmerston when in his late seventies was named co-respondent in a divorce petition filed by one O'Kane.
Critics of the bird-dinosaur theory remain unflappable in the face of the new evidence.
While the off-screen Martha, with her shrewd business manipulations, carries on the Riefenstahl-Susann tradition of Woman as Corporate Ball-Buster, on-screen Martha is an unflappable, soft-edged, obsessive reproach to the working mom, the career woman, and the less-than-driven housewife alike.
No wonder the Establishment of the 1950s--when the premium on consensus was easily maintained--so liked this unflappable Virginian aristocrat that they gave him one plum job after another.
While the value of many captives and the commitment of corporations to captives long have been unquestioned and remained unflappable throughout the cycle, the traditional flurry of activity surrounding captives in hard markets and the diminished interest in soft markets undoubtedly will continue.
The unflappable Moore is still three winners adrift of Hanagan on six for the new campaign - which promises to be the most exciting for years - but moved closer to his northern rival with Frankie Dettori managing just the one victory and Kieren Fallon drawing a blank.
Duminy anchored the Cobras' innings with another unflappable performance, his 61 from 40 deliveries after Herschelle Gibbs' scintillating 42 from 27 balls at the top the order helping the South African side to 175-5.
Unflappable, unassuming, utterly professional and head and shoulders above any team-mate in terms of consistency.
He was also the calmest, being totally unflappable even when chaos had kicked in and looked set to takeover.
The unflappable Fijian has been preparing meticulously at Carnoustie since last Wednesday and looks certain to make a bold bid for the Claret Jug he so craves.
And ``Royale'' is something of an origin story that shows how James Bond came to be the perfect, unflappable killing machine we've known and loved since 1962's ``Dr.