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Unfortunately, due to the unflattering photos, many questioned whether or not her past pictures had been photoshopped, and she lost a large number of followers.
BEIRUT: Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Awad Asiri said Friday that Saudi officials had no connection to the unflattering cartoon of Maronite Patriarch Beshara Rai that was published in a local Saudi newspaper.
Two days later, ah, hello, unwanted, unflattering, un-cwtchy fashion.
No amount of exercise will help and the only solution is either to take to towering heels, 80 denier tights or in Cheryl's case unflattering purple pants.
The result was less Studio 54, more grab a granny night as the unflattering get-up exposed every lump and bump.
An all- black outfit for an afternoon event would have been an eyesore even if the fit was not as unflattering as it was.
From unflattering accounts in the latest raft of political memoirs to opinion poll warnings that Labour is heading for a damaging by-election defeat, there was no respite for the beleaguered Prime Minister.
Responding to criticism of his autobiography, Catt defended his unflattering assessment of Ashton's contribution to England's campaign in France by maintaining it was the "truth".
They were employed to represent Speaker Martin following a string of unflattering newspaper articles questioning his impartiality and conduct.
The poster for the new film Venus is startling: a head shot of Peter O'Toole that could at best be called unflattering, his eyes glazed over and the actor looking every bit and then some of his 74 years.
And so The Queen does more than point an unflattering light at Elizabeth II and her clan.
administrator who seized a student newspaper that had printed unflattering articles, he quoted Albert Einstein who said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.