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Scores of mid-level 'elephants' (as the party unflatteringly refers to its bigger beasts) occupy their seats of power within the party, and enjoy the support of their respective divisions - but very few transcend the party to establish national appeal.
s contemporary fable unflatteringly measures our distance from Russia's Communist and futurological utopian vision as emblematized by Vladimir Tatlin's models for his unrealized Monument to the Third International, 1919.
The texts of the lesson plans are spread out across the page, a dissection that exposes and presents them unflatteringly, without alteration or explicit comment, allowing the ACF's own voice to speak against itself.
Nevertheless, Barbara Kay of the National Post ruffled the feathers of reviewers, authors and readers alike when she referred unflatteringly to Moore's book, which she had not actually read at the time, as an example of the "unrelenting self-regard of CanLit, where it's all about nobly suffering women or feminized men.
Atkins, editor of the magazine The Young Man, would describe the pictures at the Palace unflatteringly, as 'an exhibition of girls standing in the glare of the electric light with nothing but thin flesh-coloured tights from head to foot
At one point, she burns pages from Mather's report, where he had written unflatteringly about her, and clearly expects Richard to cover for her, which he does.
In 2005, after reputedly having been offered a three-year deal worth four times what he was then earning, Fallon joined Coolmore, an organisation whose leading characters Longmore describes unflatteringly.
Shakespeare, however, chose to depict the ancestors of a considerable number of Elizabethan aristocrats, often unflatteringly, but the only evidence we have that he got into any trouble doing so concerns the Oldcastle-Falstaff episode.
While some compared the show unflatteringly to Jerry Springer's, Jenny always maintained that it was a show meant to be fun, not exploitative.
Indeed, most rhetoricians--including Gorgias--have not techne but empeiria, which Plato unflatteringly characterizes as a knack for demagoguery derived from practical experience.
Fifty years ago, I would be what was unflatteringly known as a spinster and would probably be considering a trip to the feline rescue centre right about now.
President Bush described Bashar as a weak leader and unflatteringly compared him to the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.