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Her sixth disc offers a stark, unflinchingly introspective account of an addictive personality (whether to alcohol or people) and related feelings of isolation as she makes her way through the emotional minefield of recovery.
Yet from an a cappella take on "I Never Will Marry" that sounds like the Beach Boys on barbiturates to a one-minute ditty about suicide, each of the 13 songs on the gay duo's challenging debut album bears the discrete markings of timeless classics--from madrigals to Madonna--while remaining unflinchingly unique in character.
and then set it before the masses with academic fairness its task is to serve our own right, always and unflinchingly," he could have been writing a foreword to Kruger's latest exhibition, or even to her entire oeu-vre, were he to ignore Kruger's skillful and single-minded exploration of the awful powers of manipulative propaganda.
His solution: Leader-specific policies carried out unflinchingly by a strong-willed U.
Listening to him explaining in unflinchingly graphic detail to a group of fascinated young girls the disgusting ooze associated with week-old human remains, you'll wish that all programmes could be presented by him.
These are movies that unflinchingly examined the dark, sad history of Australia's Aborigines.
A self-described "pain in the ass" with an unflinchingly cantankerous writing style, Gauthier is a vivid storyteller with a simple, achy guitar twang, a blue-collar toughness, and an openhearted generosity that invariably leads to tearstained faces at her shows.
In addition to the authors' valuable commentary, a good deal of the text is made up of outtakes from the site, revealing a thoughtful and supportive cyber-community able to respond unflinchingly to the many issues covered.
If you have certain dislikes or can't eat something for health reasons, they accommodate your needs unflinchingly.
It's pretty surprising because we're unflinchingly queer in our language, approach, and images," Leonard says.
Winterbottom and co-director Mat Whitecross paint an unflinchingly authentic picture of the conditions which have led the UN to call for the camps' closure.
Huston sees Viviane - a woman so self-assured that she unflinchingly orders Queen Morgause out of a room in her own castle - as the most powerful woman she has played.