unforeseen accident

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Some unforeseen accident may open her eyes to the truth, before you can prevent it.
They promised me that every soul should have every chance; that nothing but unforeseen accident could prevent the boats from making Ascension again in a matter of hours; that as long as the gig was supposed to be lost with all hands, nothing else mattered.
If any unforeseen accident placed me within the grip of the law, I should not now have the double trial to endure of leaving my wife for a prison, and leaving her helpless.
Hardly, however, had we done with our rejoicings, when an unforeseen accident occurred which discouraged us in no little degree.
And indeed it was only by an unforeseen accident that he was solitary.
It was no less than eight days I had waited for them, when a strange and unforeseen accident intervened, of which the like has not, perhaps, been heard of in history.
I thought this was but a reasonable request on their part, and therefore I inclined to agree to it; for indeed I considered that to carry this whole company to the East Indies would not only be an intolerable severity upon the poor people, but would be ruining our whole voyage by devouring all our provisions; so I thought it no breach of charter-party, but what an unforeseen accident made absolutely necessary to us, and in which no one could say we were to blame; for the laws of God and nature would have forbid that we should refuse to take up two boats full of people in such a distressed condition; and the nature of the thing, as well respecting ourselves as the poor people, obliged us to set them on shore somewhere or other for their deliverance.
Moreover, when two people are once parted--have abandoned a common domicile and a common environment--new growths insensibly bud upward to fill each vacated place; unforeseen accidents hinder intentions, and old plans are forgotten.
We understand how important it is to design an accident product that gives our policyholders confidence that an unforeseen accident will not damage their financial stability.
Moreover, it was undisputed that the contractor intended to cut the trees, and there were no facts indicating that some unforeseen accident (such as a slip of the chain saw) caused the damage to the trees.
This protection is all the more important when retirement savings can dwindle quickly if one is faced with a costly critical illness or an unforeseen accident.
Doctors informed police that the illness was unexplained, but no charges were brought after the death was established as a tragic, unforeseen accident.