unforeseen condition

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The time of receiving and opening bids may be postponed due to emergencies or unforeseen conditions.
Namely, Cirjakovic says unforeseen conditions during the construction phase led to additional work and costs.
Whereas canal administrator Jorge Quijano says the overruns are unacceptable and insists that the GUPC should stick to the costs agreed upon when the contract was signed in 2009, the consortium argues that a project of this scale inevitably entails unforeseen conditions and additional costs.
She diagnosed and corrected several unforeseen conditions that I'd experienced over the years with my hair and scalp.
Every retailer encounters unplanned events, be it disruptions in the supply chain due to unforeseen conditions, changing consumer tastes or other factors.
He articulates the daunting challenges facing the German high command in a war with unforeseen conditions and duration.
O'Brien believes the pool will be open for the coming summer season, barring significant unforeseen conditions.
cover unforeseen conditions, aging infrastructure that needs to be repaired in connection with the project," Shuter told the airport commission.
After the project was affected early on by unforeseen conditions, Jacobs worked with the contractor to develop a series of innovative proposals that accelerated the remaining work and put this vital roadway improvement into operation as quickly as possible.
GAO found that factors specific to individual projects affected OBO's ability to complete work on time and on budget, including the experience levels of OBO and contractors' projects teams, unforeseen conditions at construction sites, and weather conditions, among others.
Unforeseen conditions forced several of these "change orders.
Factors that could cause such differences include, but are not limited to, unforeseen conditions which could prevent Bon-Ton or Saks from satisfying their respective conditions to closing; adverse changes in the condition of the retail industry, the financing markets or general economic conditions; the ability of Bon-Ton to integrate the acquired company with its own operations; actions taken by Saks or other parties; and governmental regulatory processes.