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Once this imagined sonority is heard in reality, it impresses itself unforgettably on the mind.
The two brothers have alternating chapters, a method used by the author in the unforgettably brilliant, Noughts and Crosses series.
This debut collection of short stories and one novella is part postcolonial narrative and part oral history, as Yanique lovingly and unforgettably depicts her home country.
With a bit of luck we may also experience a few unintentionally hilarious moments on a par with Todd Carty's unforgettably disastrous performance last year, as well as some scenes worthy of inclusion on Harry Hill's TV Burp
A handful of vintage black-and-white photographs pepper this unforgettably compelling account of grisly mishaps, dark twists of fate, and ill luck of the worst kind.
Bugsy Malone is a tongue-in-cheek look at gangsters in the Prohibition era, packed with riotous musical numbers, larger-than-life characters and, unforgettably, splurge guns.
the past several months--including, unforgettably, Don McKay's
The unforgettably powerful last chapter will bring tears to readers' eyes.
After a few unique twists of fate, Dingles delivers an unforgettably obscene monologue that's all the more mind-blowing because it comes out of the mouth of non-pro thesp Tyree--who looks 80-going-on-100 and, like almost everyone in the cast, lives in Andrews' mobile home community in Ventura, Calif.
Its refrain--"Run Eliza ran, run from Simon"--was tattooed on the eye and ear, unforgettably, by Robbins.
But it's her facial and body language that unforgettably express the girl's confusion, anger and desire with exquisite specificity and heartbreaking awkwardness.
99) offers more of the same unforgettably funny verse that is sure to appeal to young and old alike.