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An hour later, the same inspector saw four workers inside the unfortified trench, which had by now reached 13 feet, and again asked the supervisors to get them out.
Through pedestrian survey, collection of surface materials and topographic mapping, archaeologists in the 1990s demonstrated that the fortified citadels and unfortified settlement area covered 40-55ha.
One hundred forty-three children received milk fortified with 300 IU vitamin D per day, and 104 subjects received unfortified milk for seven weeks beginning in late January.
Canada frontier, the CIA notes, is the longest unfortified border in the world.
The loss of recognizable content in art left traditional barriers between art and nonart unfortified and under assault.
Three precincts participated in four contests to decide whether or not to allow the sale of malt beverages, unfortified wine, and mixed beverages, and whether or not to permit the operation of ABC stores.
Also, food processors and manufacturers generally want fortified foods to look and feel exactly the same as the unfortified foods, which limits the type of nutrient that can be added.
So one unenveloped in this--uncrowned, unfortified with tefillin every day--feels abandoned by faith, divested of the awe of his Lord, his prayer improper.
Presenting her budget speech in parliament this week, Finance Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila announced that excise duties on unfortified wines, fortified wine, sparkling wine, ciders, spirits, cigarettes, cigarette tobacco, pipe tobacco and cigars have go up by between 6% and 10.
frightful damage wrought daily by the American Air Force on unfortified and undefended German towns"; "The Americans over fly German territory almost unrestricted and are destroying one town after another"; "The Americans carried out heavy area bombing of (Berlin) causing fearful devastation.
Differences in IQ between children who were breastfed and those fed unfortified formula in infancy are largely explained by maternal educational attainment and intelligence, a study has found.
To reach their conclusion, researchers analysed data from 241 children and their mothers in the UK, dividing the babies into three groups - breastfed, those fed with formulas fortified with MHA and those fed unfortified formulas.