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Again he stopped to recover himself; and Elinor spoke her feelings in an exclamation of tender concern, at the fate of his unfortunate friend.
The dog, incited by its master, sprang over the wicket-gate and pursued the unfortunate baronet, who fled screaming down the yew alley.
Even Stapleton's attempt upon Sir Henry that night which ended in the death of the unfortunate convict did not help us much in proving murder against our man.
The unfortunates cling to the smallest hopes, as the happy do to the greatest good; and when they are obliged to quit the place where that hope has soothed their hearts, they experience the mortal regret which the banished man feels when he places his foot upon the vessel which is to bear him into exile.
The rats are most mischievous by their gnawing everything; and I have heard unfortunate tulip-growers complain most bitterly of Noah for having put a couple of rats in the ark.
Since my unfortunate accident I have preserved the keenest interest in politics.
It has now this new unfortunate association connected with it.
Summary: India's ruling Congress party on Saturday termed the alleged derogatory remarks of Shiv Sena party chief on the Prime Minister as extremely unfortunate.
What: A most unfortunate family populates this most unfortunate sitcom.
Of any protests that greet Woods, Bellotti said: ``Anything like that would be unfortunate, it only prolongs the pain.