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Unfortunately many of the things it describes were relatively poorly documented and ephemeral.
As a practitioner of the unfortunately fashionable art, his aim in his new book is to celebrate the increasing wealth of material now available to students on film and cassette, and to evoke some lively interpretations of the plays in performance through comparative analysis.
Unfortunately, most plant managers see equipment in just two conditions - running or down.
Unfortunately, Ross sidetracks himself with a wacky proposal for a "new Employment Insurance System" based on "a Career Opportunity Card a voucher or wallet card" that "would entitle a person to purchase up to $1,200 in education or training" during any five-year period in which he falls on hard times.
Unfortunately, many have ignored the issue because they think it doesn't affect them -- until one day it does.
Unfortunately, the hubris inherent in this level of might brought with it a sense of superiority that caused its owners to dismiss their smaller competitors, and opened the way to the situation we have today.
In order to age, Rizel needs the help of a human being, and she's chosen Iwaki, who unfortunately is not flattered.
Unfortunately for insurers, most customers perceive insurance products as commodities with little or no differentiation among the sellers.
Unfortunately, these also are the ones who have been the most adversely affected by the equity market turmoil of the last three years.
Unfortunately there is no pool at this one, so the old slashdogs and barneys who show up once a week to the other Vans parks will be absent.
The confrontations continued throughout the night and, unfortunately, both the army and the police were unable to contain the violence of these fanatics, who also burned stores and places of worship.
All of these are intense and powerful films, but unfortunately none of them is currently available on video.